What are the Top Pods to Get Wholesale Aside from JUUL?

Since I started selling JUUL pods for about 4 months now, I got impatient with my daily sales because it is continually going down. So I thought what are other alternatives out there that can give me higher profit margin?



Eonsmoke Wholesale


I searched high and low online (I’m very meticulous this way because the number of vape brands out there are staggering), and read that you can sell Juul compatible pods by eonsmoke, which are like JUUL in terms of flavor and quality but the profit margin is way too higher! In fact, when I called to inquire about their wholesale pricing, I was surprised that a distributor can earn as high as 25% and 100% as a retailer because their costs are so low especially if I order a lot in bulk.


When compared to reselling JUUL where I have to add my own pricing on top of their retail price because they don’t provide wholesale, Eonsmoke is of course a big winner. I’ve read just recently that a meager 8% can be earned from being a JUUL distributor and 40% as a retailer. If only I knew this when I first started of being a JUUL pods supplier, I would have thought twice in getting a bulk supply.


Bo Vaping Kits and Bo Pods Wholesale


Aside from being easy to use- I only have to inhale it and the draw will be automatically activated without any buttons – getting Bo vaping kits and Bo pods for wholesale is definitely a big plus. Being crafted and designed in France, the Bo brand is among the most popular in the world of vaping. Their starter kits are of high quality and the various flavors make them a great selling point for vapers who like to keep their vaping life exciting. Currently, Bo wholesale distribution can only ship to 31 States so check out their page first before deciding to resell Bo pods.


Phix by MLV Wholesale


The company behind Phix has been in the industry for years and has been in product development since 2010. That’s why MLV knows what it was doing when it designed the Phix vape kit and for those looking to become a retailer, you need to submit a request first to get access to their wholesale page.


Looking at its range of flavors, it’s not difficult to sell actually given that all pods come in 5% nic strength. Vapers have the option to go for ice tobacco, spearmint, strawberry and tobacco. What’s great with it especially to retailers like me, is that they provide a mixed pod refill pack so vapers can mix different flavors and try everything in the range.

Juno Wholesale


Bearing the tag line, ‘Efficient, Simple, Precise, Discreet and most importantly gets the job done!’ means only one thing. They are serious about their product and how much more so for wholesale distributors? There’s a quick form that needs to be filled up if you want to know more about Juno vapes wholesale pricing and terms. After that, a representative will contact you to discuss all opportunities that can be enjoyed by being a Juno wholesale distributor.

Ben Myers

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