Ahyanah Mincy Blogs about Women Entrepreneurs in Technology

 What is it that women cant do? In my opinion, absolutely nothing. Women are very strong and they can do almost anything. They have so much potential in them. Same is the case with Ahyanah Mincy, who has been doing a great work in promoting different women who happen to be technology entrepreneur. You must be wondering who really is Ahyanah Mincy and what has she been doing for women empowerment. Well let me tell you all about it.

Ahyanah Mincy

Ahyanah Mincy is a student at the Saint Peter’s University and has been majoring in Business Management. In order to help promote the great work of her fellow women workers in this field, she has been writing blogs about different women entrepreneurs in technology from all around the world on her verified account on onmogul.com. It is great to know that only 5000 accounts have got the privilege to get verified on onmogul.com and Ahyanah is one of those people due to the popularity of her amazing blogs that she writes to promote women entrepreneurs.

Onmogul.com is a platform where women can connect with each other and blog about different things. This helps them to share knowledge about various things with each other. By working together and reading each others blogs, these women have been trying their best to promote a lot of women. Ahyanah particularly has been putting a lot of efforts in this regard.

You must now be wondering what is the main goal of Ahyanah and what is the reason behind all of her great work and efforts. Ahyanah has been writing these blogs in order to to motivate women to utilize their skills and do their work in the best way. She wants to let them know that they have the potential to do the job and never think that they are not capable of doing anything. It has been very eminent in our society that business is a field where only men can excel but, Ahyanah has proved all these stigmas wrong in her articles by showing the world how different women from all around the world whether they are black or white, have been so successful.

She has been able to write so many inspirational blogs about women who become the CEOs of companies at a very young age such as Mae Karwoski who became the CEO of ‘Obviously’ at the age of 31 which is still very young to start a company on your own and make it successful. ‘Obviously’ is an influencer marketing tech setup which has been working with big brands including Google, Planned Parenthood, Sephora, Coke, Mercedes, NY Times and Dior. In her article, Ahyanah has told us how Mae had to work hard day and night to make her company as huge and successful as it is today. She has advised young women and entrepreneurs to always look for new opportunities and never let work slip through their fingers.

In another article, Ahyanah has told us about Olivia Skuzia and how she became the CEO of NuORDER which is a B2B ecommerce platform which has been helping 800+ brands along with 300k+ retailers. Ahyanah has told us that Olivia became interested in this field due to her desire to do something extraordinary. She has always wanted to do whatever she wants to do. Through this Ahyanah wants to tell us that we should never sit back and always do what we want to do in order to become successful. She has also told us that Olivia has advised young women to do whatever idea comes to their mind and believe in themselves that they can do this. Ahyanah has always used this platform to tell us about women and their amazing works to inspire them to always work hard and strive more.