Tennis, Millionaire Turnover For The ATP Finals In Turin From 2021 To 2025

Turin has managed to win the organization of the tennis ATP Finals from 2021 to 2025: great satisfaction for an event capable of generating a turnover of over 50 million per edition.

Turin has made it. Overcoming the fierce competition of the rich Tokyo and Singapore, the Piedmontese capital has managed to win the organization of the ATP Finals from 2021 until 2025.

Decisive in the choice was the willingness of the tennis players not to leave Europe for the season finale, with Turin that in any case did not leave anything to chance in his candidacy thanks to the support also of the government, which has allocated 78 million for the prize money five-year event.

So much money put on the plate but without a doubt well spent: the Finals in fact, whose organization until 2020 will remain in London, are able to generate a turnover of more than 50 million each year.

After the recent success of Fabio Fognini at the Masters 1000 in MontecarloItalian tennis scored another important victory, with the city of Turin being called upon to host five of what is the most important tennis tournament together with the four tests of the Grand Slam.

In Turin the Atp Finals of tennis

ATP the great professional tennis circuit, the ATP Finals is a unique tournament of its kind as well as representing the final event of the season as it takes place in mid-November.

The first eight players of the Atp classification both single and double take part in the tournament. The participants are then divided into two groups of four with the Italian group formula and the winner of each match gets a point.

The first two winners of each group get the pass for the semi-finals, with the award of the single trophy and the double which then takes place after a final always played at the best of the three sets.

The first edition of the ATP Finals took place in Tokyo in 1970 and, since then, has had several locations, although since 2009 it has been held continuously in London, which will continue to host the Masters until 2020.

Since the agreement between London and the ATP was not found for the total prize pool of 78 million for the five-year period 2021-2025, the race for succession opened with Turin, which presented its candidacy together with Tokyo and Singapore.

Despite the many money put on the table by the two Asian megalopolises, in the end, the official choice of the ATP fell on Turin: in addition to having guaranteed the prize money, it was decisive in the assignment the willingness of the tennis players not to leave Europe in the season finale.

The turnover

On 8 March the government ordered the allocation of the 78 million needed to guarantee the prize pool of the five editions of the ATP Finals from 2021 to 2025, a sort of guarantee to guarantee Turin’s candidacy.

The seat chosen by the Piedmontese capital to host the prestigious tournament is that of the Pala Alpitour, developed for the 2006 Olympics and which can count on a capacity of 14,350 spectators.

To succeed in winning the competition from Tokyo and Singapore, the government has therefore removed a very heavy check to support the candidacy of Turin. The economic benefits, however, could be much greater.

The 2018 edition of the ATP Finals in London has seen in total the presence in the stands of 243.819 spectators, which however become 359.472 if all the induced is considered in the commercial establishments adjacent to the O2 Arena.

In the last nine where the Masters was always held on the banks of the Thames, 2.3 million total visitors were registered, while 96 million were the spectators who watched the meetings in front of the TV.

In addition to the revenues from the ticket office and those deriving from the television rights for the transmission of the matches, there are also those from the sales of the commercial spaces to the various sponsors.

Considering all these items, a turnover of over 60 million was assumed for the last edition held last November in London.

Similar figures should be repeated even when Turin will host the ATP Finals from 2021. In addition to a turnover estimated at 50 million per edition, the impact on the territory should fluctuate between 120 and 150 million.

Furthermore, given the great media visibility throughout the Finals world, it is also a great showcase for Turin, which is thus preparing to host one of the key events of the tennis season for five years.

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