Securities Undervalued According To Wall Street

Here are the titles – known and less known – that are currently “undervalued” according to Wall Street analysts

What are the undervalued stocks? A recurring question around Wall Street, which has a more complete answer in the evaluations of the same analysts who daily gravitate around the New York Stock Exchange.

Contrary to what one might think, among the actions that prepare the field for a far greater yield than the scenario now proposed there are not only outsiders and surprises.

CNBC contacted several analysts in multiple sectors, inviting them to focus on the securities they considered undervalued in their respective hedging universes, and the recurring name was that of a giant of the New York Stock Exchange.

Beyond that, more or less important realities that have collected a large number of reports. Here then are the undervalued stocks according to Wall Street.

Securities undervalued according to Wall Street

Amazon – the most cited – was described as “deeply undervalued at current levels” by Jefferies analysts. The investment bank believes that many of the growth opportunities inherent in the giant of Jeff Bezos are not taken into consideration.

Indicating a buy rating, Jefferies sees a scenario in “net expansion” for the e-commerce giant, which marks -0.5% on the $ 1,913 share, back from a + 3.16% in the last 7 days of trading.

The Société Générale analysis is much more enthusiastic, speaking of + 30% over the next 12 months, with an emphasis on the “robust” earnings of the Bezos company and indicating a buy rating, with a target price of $ 2,370.

Among the recurring titles also Asure Software, a Texas software company that has greatly surprised analysts with the accounts for the fourth quarter of 2018, reiterating the guidance for 2019 and “giving stability to the title” , to put it in the words of Vincent Colicchio, an analyst at Barrington Research :

“Taking into account the current scenario in the reference group, we believe that Asure’s actions are undervalued. Despite the small size of the company, the size of the reference markets and the economic advantages associated with its acquisition strategy suggest significant growth “.

Barrington Research again indicates that Benefitfocus is also undervalued, a company that creates and manages platforms for companies in different work environments. In the long term, the bank sees revenue growth of 20% and + 25% on the EBITDA margin.

Finally, Citigroup signals a buy-in rating for Avangrid with a target price of 63 dollars, referring to a “significantly undervalued” security. The company – explains the New York bank – shows a “solid business” , while the leaders continue to work on expansion projects that, in the long run, will lead to remarkable growth.

Avangrid currently marks + 0.4% at 52.59 dollars.

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