Samsung: Cryptocurrency Coming? The Rumor

Samsung is about to launch a cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain: the rumor

Samsung cryptocurrency is on its way.

To state this, some rumors started circulating this afternoon, rumors that talked about a virtual currency ready to land on the Ethereum blockchain.

According to rumors, the South Korean giant is working to develop its own network even if the project is still in its infancy.

“We are currently thinking of a private blockchain , even if it is not yet certain. It could also become a public blockchain in the future, but I believe it will be hybrid – a combination of the two, “

a Samsung official allegedly asked to remain anonymous.

Samsung: cryptocurrency coming?

According to reports from Coindesk, the South Korean giant is imagining not only the development of its own network based on the Ethereum blockchain. The launch of a cryptocurrency from the name Samsung Coin would also be part of the corporate projects.

To date, the rumors have continued, the developers would be working on the project in the wireless division of the company: the operations would not yet have reached such a point as to be promoted by the current degree of “internal experiment”. For this reason, talking about the timing of the launch could be decidedly premature.

According to rumors, however, the Samsung cryptocurrency (the Samsung Coin) will resemble the rest of the virtual currencies already in circulation and can be listed and traded on any exchange.

An important novelty, which could hardly follow the arrival on the market of the Galaxy S10, the first smartphone capable of supporting virtual currencies.

What is clear, to date, is that the launch of a cryptocurrency by Samsung would allow the entire segment of digital money to gain some of that legitimacy (institutional and otherwise) long sought. For the moment, however, the company has preferred not to comment on the rumors.

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