What’s Next for Brexit Britain?

Brexit created headlines as well as waves of shock across the globe. One of the most important members of the Euro, Britain made a bold decision by leaving the union and going solo. The negotiations, trade deals with other countries and the relationship of Britain with the Eurozone will now be one of the principal concerns for the government. However, there are many issues that Britain has to pay heed to.

Brexit Torn Flag

The Scotland Issue


Britain needs to keep the four nations together. Theresa May has already said that this is not the right time to open discussion about the Scottish Independence. However, she is keeping the options open for a future referendum. Britain, made up of Scotland, Wales, England, and Northern Ireland voted out of the European Union collectively. If a referendum takes place, Scotland will be free to decide whether it wishes to remain with the EU or leave with the rest of Britain. Nicola Sturgeon, Scottish First Minister, has announced that she will be seeking a referendum in late 2018 to early 2019 for Scottish Independence. May, on the other hand, suggested that Britain should collectively focus all its energies on negotiating with the EU.

Should Scotland Leave?


Here, we must understand that Scotland voted for staying in Britain as recently as 2014 and the collective vote-out from the European Union happened in 2016. It is highly likely that if a referendum takes place, the Scots will vote to stay in Britain again. A new referendum within 3 years will not make a major difference in the views of the Scots, even after a major event like Brexit. It will be difficult for Scotland to stay inside the EU and be as comfortable as it was with Britain. It looks better for the Scots to stay with Britain and help build a stronger political nexus.

Theresa May will be focusing on building a stronger economy post-Brexit through trade relationships with the rest of the world without battering its trade with the EU. Making a stronger and united nation will be one of her top priorities which is why she is shrugging off the possibility of a referendum at the moment. It is possible that General Elections happen sooner than expected.

It is a fantasy of many leaders to tear Scotland away from Britain without hurting the nation’s economy. Of course, the same leaders are in denial about Brexit and its possible impact on Britain. However, as of now, the chances of referendum are slim and it is not likely that May will allow it.