How a Travel Ban Will Impact US Business

The diluted version of the so-called ‘strong’ travel ban on citizens on a few Islamic nations has been approved by the Supreme Court. The travel ban will come into effect on Thursday, 8 pm. Now, a person travelling to the US from the banned nations will have to provide a bona fide relationship or connection with another US person or organization to seek entry.

Travel Ban

Who Does the Travel Ban Effect?


The ban will be effective on citizens of Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iran, Sudan, and Somalia. If a person is unable to establish a connection with a US person or entity, he could be banned for 90 days. Not only this, refugees from any country will have to show a similar close relationship or they will be banned for 120 days.

David Lapa, spokesperson for Homeland Security said that the orders “would not affect persons who arrive at our ports of entry with legitimate travel documents.” Amnesty International will be sending its researchers to the JFK airport to look for any chances of conflict. Guidelines related to the ban have been sent to the concerned authorities already. However, they have not been posted public yet.

What about US Business?


A travel ban that predominantly targets Muslim countries has far reaching social and political implications. Refugees from various countries who are seeking resettlement in the US could get a severe blow because of the ban. This decision could also affect business in the country, affecting the US’s reputation as a safe place to do business. Note that Google CEO Sunder Pichai and Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg have already spoken against the ban. Though people from the banned countries do not make a significant percentage of workforce for US businesses, the absolute numbers are still high.

Establishing a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the US could be tough for people. There could be chances of a flood or lawsuits resulting from the subjective treatment of the travel ban. The ban could send a message to other immigrants or visa holders that they are ‘not wanted’ in America. Could there will be a brain drain from America of immigrant workers and even students coming here for higher studies? Possibly

In fact, the short-term effects of the ban will likely not be noticeable. Don’t forget that American businesses’ works in these six countries may also be affected as the respective governments take counter measures. Trade and business restrictions are the easiest to follow in this case, which could affect business and increase risk manifold.