SRS Trend Rider Review: Does it Really Live up to the Hype?

Getting 100-200 reliable pips and alerts in a trade is not an easy task. However, with sRs Trend Rider, it becomes as easy as 1-2-3. This new offering from celebrated trader and mentor Vladimir Ribakov can provide you the most profitable deals of the day. If you want to make money in forex, there is no better way to achieve your objectives than this. With this advanced hybrid software, every trader will have the power to earn big in the forex market.

srs trend rider

SRS Trend Rider: Overview


The software tries to make forex trading effortless and 99 percent automated. This hybrid platform combines the power of market research and artificial intelligence to create software that appeals to everyone. It is claimed that even a newbie investor will become an expert in forex after using this software. With its unique automation feature, you can save time and effort in finding the best pairs with the most profits. Just chose currency pairs and you could be getting as many as 3,600 pips every month. The best thing about the software is that you trade with trends. Bull or bear trends do not matter as long as you are riding the wave and making profits.

sRs Trend Rider: Components


The software is a hybrid of artificial intelligence and a high-powered forex platform. The current version (2.0) of the software provides many feature upgrades over its predecessor. It has a simple and clean sRs dashboard with a neatly designed UI. You can trade multiple charts worth sRs Scanner or work with high time frames and detect trends with the help of Force Index Indicator. Your trades can be customized in accordance with your trading style. You can decide what to do when a signal meets your trading criterion.

Conservative traders get different alerts from aggressive traders, which help in bringing a fully customized user experience your way. The Control Panel in the software is a perfect tool for trade management. Additionally, the software provides you notifications on mobile and via email. The software has removed most manual processes from its framework which makes it 99% automated with extremely promising results.

SRS Trend Rider: Pros


Here are some reasons why you should definitely get a copy of this software:

  • It does all the work- the predecessor of this software made you devote at least 30 minutes a day to trading. However, with version 2.0 everything is automated and you don’t have to take active decision. Such high levels of automation are only possible with software used by the biggest traders, spending thousands of dollars on a product.
  • Unique algorithm- the platform comes with a unique pip snatcher algorithm by Ribakov himself. This algorithm looks for the most profitable pips in the trade and brings them to your dashboard.
  • Profit with the click of a button- many forex traders remain glued to their PCs. This software unhooks you from your PC and gives you more freedom. You could be enjoying a vacation in the Caribbean while the software does all the work for you. If you can log into your account once a day and check your trades, you have more than enough opportunities to make staggering profits.


SRS Trend Rider: Cons


This software is not for learners. If you want to actively trade manually, then the software does not have anything to offer to you. However, if you like active automated trading, then the sRs Trend Rider should be your choice. The total package of software in this suite costs $612, which can be a bit expensive to many users. However, it is available at a discount for a limited period. You can get this complete software suite for $197 only. In fact, if you are registered with one of the partner brokers of the sRs Trend Rider, you can get this full function software suite for free.

SRS Trend Rider: Bottom Line


The software is clearly designed for the smart investor. Gone are the days when you had to spend hours at a stretch, looking to generate pips from a trade. With this software, everything is automated. Even the most passive investor with zero knowledge about forex can trade and earn a handsome profit, thanks to this advanced software. We rate it 4.6/5 due to its advanced technology and amazing profit generation capabilities.