FXinstruction – A Review of the Leading Forex Trading Signals Provider

An FXinstruction Review


Forex trading used to a be a preserve of the big financial institutions, but now anyone with an internet connection can trade forex. Over 3 trillion dollars are traded on the foreign exchange market every single day.  Millions are made and lost trading currencies 24/5. More and more people from all walks of life are trading forex. The advent of the internet and proliferation of web-based brokers have made forex trading one of the most popular money-making activities online. To meet this growing demand, a number of signal providers have sprung up, offering choice and help  to newbie traders to get started in their trading career. Here we look at one such forex signal and education provider, dubbed by some as “the best kept secret in forex trading”


Who are FXinstruction?


FXinstruction was established around 5 years ago. Initially it was a part time hobby, a bit of fun to help traders beat the brokers. However, as more and more people requested their services, the two founders, Nathan Barnes and Elias Kazamias, decided to give up their jobs and provide forex signals and personal forex mentoring full time.

Nathan and Elias were both traders, managing large accounts for high net worth traders. A few chance meetings at various forex conferences led to running a few facebook groups together, offering signals and advice. Their aim: help everyday folk make money from the markets. Through signals and personal mentoring, the team at FXinstruction claim to have helped thousands of traders all around the world profit from the financial markets.

What do FXinstruction Offer?


FXinstruction offer both Forex trading and Binary Options trading signals and personal mentoring.  The signals are sent via sms messages, although all clients of FXinstruction have access to a private skype group and a whatsapp group. This ensures the signals (around 5 a day) are never missed. On top of the signals there is personal mentoring which is provided by either Nathan or Elias. The mentoring involves a private skype training session where a personal trading plan is customized and developed especially for you.  The training sessions last anywhere between 30 mins and two hours and over the course of a month we had two sessions totalling around 90 minutes.

Is it Free?


Yes and No. FXinstruction offer a monthly subscription which works out at $79 per month for the signals and $149 a month for the signals and mentoring. However, you can get all the signals and mentoring for free if you deposit and trade with a trusted forex broker.  Minimum deposits start at only $100 and ALL the brokers are fully regulated. There are no scam brokers in the list. We chose AvaTrade – one of the oldest and most trusted of forex brokers, with good and competitive trading conditions.

Is FXinstruction Successful?


We followed the forex signals for just under a month. Every day, we received between two and five signals a day, Monday through till Friday.  What we liked was the signals were all for the known currency pairings, a variety of different trades and most importantly….with a high success rate. Not every signal was a winner. The manually sent signals were however, mostly winners.  Here are the binary options results:

Signal Results

A month’s worth of signals produced a profit of 178 pips. In total, from our $100 invested at the start of the month, we finished the month $152 to the good. A 52% profit in just one month is very impressive. Signals were sent throughout the Asian, European and North American trading sessions. Thanks to the skype groups and prompt SMS messages, we never missed a signal.

We had two personal mentoring sessions, both lasting around 45 minutes. In the first session, Nathan taught me two very basic, easy-to-learn strategies. In the second session two weeks later, Nathan tested my trading skills out and went through my trading history. Here I learned a great deal. My mistakes were analyzed and suggestions made. At the end of the month, I was $52 richer but a whole lot more worldly about Forex trading.



Although at this point we are yet to try the Binary Options signals service, we were very happy with the Forex trading help and advice given. The forex signals were mostly winners and the personal mentoring really improved my overall forex trading outlook and approach. We finished the month a more confident, knowledgeable and more profitable trader. I also finished the month a richer man, which is always nice!

I would heartily recommend the forex signals and mentoring service offered by FXinstruction. Amazingly cheap, fantastically professional and importantly…wonderfully profitable. FXinstruction offer free signals in both forex and binary options for a trial five day period. It is no risk with no credit card or deposit needed.  Start making money today!

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