Forex Triple B Review: Is it a Scam or is it Legit?

It is not usual that you come across software that genuinely reduces your forex trading burden. As markets are getting more complicated, it is becoming difficult by the day to trade. Finding trends is even more difficult as world politics is making the global economy more volatile. In such drastic times, if you find software that reduces your pain and provides you great gains, it is nothing less than a blessing.

forex triple B

Forex Triple B is one such software that makes you forget about your typical forex trading problems. This powerful software combines research with in-depth analysis and reliable trade alerts that result in only one thing- profit.

Forex Triple B: Overview


Globally popular forex trader Vladimir Ribakov created the software. He has used his expertise and years of experience in this field to create a platform that provides great returns to the traders. Vladimir has personally tested and approved this product, which makes it even more reliable software. There is only motive of this software- help you make money. The goal is clear and simple and the software tries to add features that make profit making easier and more frequent.

The software’s previous version was considered a swing-trader’s paradise. However, there was little for people with smaller capital and no interest in swing trades. The software’s second version- Forex Triple B 2.0- is designed after two years of research. Now it has something for every trader, even if you are new or have a smaller capital.

Forex Triple B: Components


The software boasts of several amazing components that make trading easier and hassle free for the investors. The first component is called Forex Triple B Template. This component works by screening the market 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. As soon as it finds a profitable trade in the market, it verifies the trade’s legitimacy. Once done, it will instantly send you an alert.

You can use 5 built-in filters in this software like Price within Zone and H1 Div. Confirmed to find the most profitable trades of the day. While you are checking your daily charts, you will find a high time frame preview as well. Additionally, the software packs a buy and sell zone and a 1 click-trading and alert system as well. Overall, the software wins over competition with its sheer number of features and their reliable results.


Forex Triple B: Pros


Here are some reasons why you should be getting a copy of this software.

  1. High time frame charts- you don’t have to move to a separate chart to find high time frame values. There is always a preview button on the chart which provides you high time frame charts on the same screen.
  2. One stop solution- a perfect upgrade over its predecessor, version 2.0 provides you a fabulous trading experience. It can be used by novices as well as experienced traders, regardless of their investment capital.
  3. Time saver- Imagine being stuck with forex data, trying to find the right trend or opportunity for investment. This software takes the headache away. It has a decent UI with an exceptional trading experience that saves your time as well as your money.
  4. Reliable results- the software has provided very reliable results in our tests. You are sent only the best trends in the market. Moreover, your software guides you in into making the most profitable trade choices in the market. The alerts are reliable and profits are considerable.


Forex Triple B: Cons


If you want to ‘learn’ about how forex trading is done and which are processes are used to find reliable patterns in trading, this is not the right software for you. It is directed towards traders who want automated trading. Learning and understanding the forex markets and finding influencing factors is possible only when you trade manually.

Forex Triple B: Bottom Line


Forex Triple B gets 4.6/5 rating from us. The software provides you just the right number of alerts. You should not expect to ride on every pattern or trend in the market with it. However, if the trend is the best in forex and has space for making considerable gains, the software will be hand holding you to the land of profits and extra dollars.