Forex Crystal Ball Review – Does it Really Work?

Even the most successful investors can go wrong in the forex market. This is not because the market is unpredictable or highly volatile. It happens simply because traders run after creating strategies. Note that markets always work on a set of patterns. These patterns get repeated over a period of time. Most traders only scratch the surface of these patterns, trying to make small gains. However, smart investors know that there is more than meets the eye when you trade forex. They understand that trends in market do not arise simply due to bull and bear movements.

forex crystal ball

Do you want to know how to make profitable trades in forex by understanding the basics? It is very simple. You will need the Forex Crystal Ball system. Here is our review of the software.



The Forex Crystal Ball system is designed to provide the most accurate predictions about the forex market. It contains two different programs that make you double sure of the trades being made. The suite contains The Forex Crystal Ball Indicator and The Trade Statistics. The Indicator works on mass research data collected over the years. It provides you candles for the current day and the upcoming 2 days. The Indicator works with surprising accuracy in defining the details of the currency’s next movement.

The Trade Statistics program helps you in getting the tops and bottoms of a currency pair along with reliable reversal patterns. Designed by the best statisticians in the business, this software works independent of the Indicator software. It will analyze the vertical supports and resistance for a pair’s movement. If both the software indicates similar results, you can be sure that the system’s predictions will be 100% accurate. In fact, it is the accuracy of this system that has made it a favorite amongst the top investors in the business.

Here are its features at a glance:

ü  MT4 data, indices, and commodities

ü  Trade all currency pairs

ü  3 MT4 indicators built-in the software

ü  Thousands of trade setups

ü  24×5 inspection of currency pairs

ü  Candles for the current day and 2 upcoming days

ü  2 different software analyses trades independently for 100% accuracy

forex crystal ball

Why Forex Crystal Ball?


When you are trading forex, finding upcoming trends in the market is important. After all, you don’t want to end up with a bearish market when you were expecting bullish gains. Risk is a part of your trade. However, these risks can be mitigated if you have access to accurate predictions about the forex trends for a currency pair. Forex Crystal Ball solves this problem by providing you accurate predictions for the next 2 days. You get to know whether the pair will be trending high or low in the immediate future.

The system works like a time machine. Imagine if software could tell you exactly how the market for a currency pair will react in the next few days. Forex Crystal Ball does exactly that. The system uses years of mass research to make the most accurate predictions about market movements. All MT4 data, commodities, and indices are included in this software, making it the most comprehensive system for forex traders ever. The data used for making predictions is deep and all-inclusive which guarantees accuracy for the users.



The creator of this software is Vladimir Ribakov. He has spent 12 years in the forex market, working for top brokerage firms and hedge funds. Ribakov soon realized that there is more to the market than simply looking for small profits. He started a blog, discussing his strategies with his readers. Finally, he came up with the Forex Crystal Ball system that helps fellow traders make a fortune in the market. He has worked extensively with hundreds of traders, helping them get profitable deals.

Final Words


Forex Crystal Ball is powerful software that helps you in learning about upcoming trends in the market. The system boasts of a high level of accuracy and efficiency because of which it has become popular amongst traders. You can directly purchase the software or sign up for free with a brokerage account. Getting this software will help you trade better and ride the trends to make the most profit in the market.