Comcast Corporation NASDAQ: CMCSA and Charter Comm-A NASDAQ: CHTR Announce Partnership

Comcast Corporation NASDAQ: CMCSA and Charter Comm-A NASDAQ: CHTR announced on Monday a wireless partnership agreement under which the companies will “explore potential opportunities for operational cooperation.”

Comcast Corporation NASDAQ: CMCSA

The Wall Street Journal was first to report news of the agreement.

Both operators have a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) reseller agreement with carrier Verizon Wireless (VZ).

The agreement allows the operators to explore a number of “potential operational areas in the wireless space,” including technical standards development, the creation of common operating platforms and emerging wireless technology platforms.

Comcast Corporation NASDAQ: CMCSA and Charter Comm-A NASDAQ: CHTR to Offer Competitive Pricing


The goal is to create innovative products and provide customers with more options and competitive pricing.

“At Charter, we have a tremendous opportunity in front of us in the wireless space,” said Charter CEO and Chairman Tom Rutledge. “Within our footprint, our network is perfectly suited to provide the data-rich wireless services that customers are increasingly demanding.”

Rutledge says working with Comcast can help speed up Charter’s entry into the marketplace. The partnership will drive competition and lower costs for consumers.

“Both of our companies have regional wireless businesses using the same 4G LTE network, and by working together our goal is to create even better experiences for our customers,” said Comcast CEO and Chairman Brian L. Roberts.

The agreement will allow both companies to cut back on costs while sharing expertise and offering an enhanced customer experience.

Comcast Corporation NASDAQ: CMCSA announced its plans for Xfinity Mobile last month. The plans include a service that will leverage the Verizon Wireless network.

Comcast Corporation NASDAQ: CMCSA’s Xfinity Mobile service will cost subscribers $45 or $65 per month per line. The $45 package is available to Comcast customers who subscribe to the best X1 video packages. The packages typically cost $150 per month.

Xfinity Mobile offers unlimited talk and text, and there are no per line access fees.

Charter has announced that it will be launching its own mobile service in 2018.