, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN)’s AWS Adds Scheduled Reserved Features

The objective of the cloud computing module is to save costs., Inc.’s Amazon Web Services has taken one more step in launching a Scheduled Reserved Instances. The cloud infrastructure provider indicated that it was a new flavor or virtual slices of physical servers in its data centers, which were kept in reservation mode ahead of time. The latest offering is in contrast to the on-demand instances, which is a popular feature currently.


Costs Less Than Regular Feature, Inc. said that the new feature would cost about 5 – 10% less than the normal feature of on-demand. The online retailer’s AWS also indicated that customers were free to sign up for its Scheduled Reserved Instances at any time. The feature is said to be useful for firms, which requires computation work at sometimes known ahead.

AWS’ Chief Evangelist, Jeff Barr, said in a blog post that the new Scheduled Reserved Instances feature would be available from three regions. One is the United States Eastern region, i.e. Northern Virginia, while the second is the Western region of the America, i.e. Oregon. Europe, i.e. Ireland, was the third region cited by it. The features would be available only from its AWS’ C3, C4, M4, and R3 instances.

Reserve Capacity On Recurring Basis

Amazon’s AWS said that the new feature enables the user to reserve capacity on a recurring basis. That included a daily or weekly or monthly schedule spread across a one-year period. Once a customer purchases the feature, it would be available for launch during the time specified by the user. In any case, the feature is one more option to AWS’ million customer-base.

Of late,, Inc. was keen on adding features to its cloud infrastructure as it was fleshing out options that were beyond the conventional features. The company unveiled its On-Demand Instances in 2006. The acquisition of the startup, ClusterK, was also meant to boost its offering as it was facing pressures from competitors like Alphabet Inc’s Google Cloud Platform that introduced pre-emptible VMs in September last year.

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