3 Stocks Peaking at 52-Week Highs in April 2016

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Stocks have rebounded from February lows thanks in part to a rally in equities that helped several industries. Losses suffered earlier in the year have lessened for several companies and investors, leading to a few stocks peaking at 52-week highs. Performing well compared to their peers, the stocks listed below should be monitored for the right buying data and purchased on a downswing.

1.     Coherent (COHR)

Coherent was founded in 1966 and is headquartered in California. The company is at the pinnacle of success in 2016, with a market cap of $2.1 billion. The company’s figures from a year ago had the stock price at just over $65 a share before dipping to a low of $52.46 in November. Coherent’s stock has been on the rise since January, and has skyrocketed to $91.75 a share.

Several large investment firms have been buying the company’s stock, including Regis Management Co LLC, which recently purchased 18,000 shares of the company. Morgan Stanley (MS) and Wells Fargo & Company MN (WFC) also purchased 41,625 and 35,409 shares respectively during Q4 2015.

The company designs, supplies and manufacturers medical instruments utilizing optic and microelectronic technologies.

2.     Ulta Salon (ULTA)

The largest beauty retailer in the country provides salon products and services. The company is known for their well-priced products and being a “beauty superstore” by its customers. A market value of $12 billion and continual revisions pushing the company’s forecast higher has helped Ulta reach a 52-week high.

The chain was founded in 1990 and has a stock price of $153 a year ago. Stock prices for the company tumbled in February from $181 to $150 a share. The stock has since rebounded up to $193.90 a share.

Ulta announced in March that the company will increase its buyback program and earned $1.69 a share with $1.27 revenue on the quarter.

3.     Inphi Corp (IPHI)

Inphi Corp provides analog and mixed signal semiconductors. The company’s products can be found in electronics and computers around the world. The company maintains a market cap of $1.4 billion and was founded in 2000.

The company’s stock has jumped from $17.86 a share to $34.30 a share, with impressive growth from 2013 when the company’s stock was valued at $9 a share, depending on the month. Over the past 60 days, the company has revised its growth expectations up 12% higher.

Inphi continues to surpass expectations going on seven straight quarters in April. The company surpassed forecasts by 62% last quarter.

Investors are urged to pick up these stocks as the market fluctuates. All three companies have performed exceptionally well over the past 12 months and are heading into mid-2016 with very strong outlooks for the year.

Ben Myers

Ben began his long career in international finance and investing after graduating with a degree in Finance & Accounting. Prior to founding a financial advisory firm he worked with multi-national institutions including HSBC and Bank of Ireland. After several stints as a chief analyst at forex/binary options companies Ben still remains a keen trader and featured contributor on numerous financial sites.