3 Small-cap Restaurant Stocks to Consider

Sonic Drive-in Restaurant
COSTA MESA CA/USA – OCTOBER 17 2015: Sonic Drive-In Restaurant exterior.

Small-cap stocks were bearish at the start of the year, but times have changed. The market is performing much better, and now is the time to start considering small-cap stocks as a whole. A few small-cap stocks in the restaurant industry that are performing well are:

1.     Sonic Corp. (SONC)

Owner of the Sonic Drive-in, Sonic Corp has been performing well and is up 2.15% on the day. The company maintains a market cap of $1.75 billion with a dividend yield of 1.22%. The stock has rallied in the last month, starting at $30.72 a share and is currently sitting at $36.10 a share as of midday Wednesday.

At the start of the year, Sonic’s stock was priced just above $29 a share.

2.     Papa John’s International Inc. (PZZA)

Papa John’s has changed the face of pizza in the country. Offering steep sports-related discounts to consumers, the company was on the downswing in February, reaching just over $45 a share. The company has recovered over the last two months, with stock prices up 0.3% on the day to reach $55.38 a share.

Wall Street analysts predicted at the start of the month that the company’s stock may reach $67 a share by the end of the year. Data is based off of predictions from 7 analysts. A few even predict that prices can go as high as $78 a share under the right market conditions.

3.     Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Inc. (PLKI)

Popeyes is the last small-cap on our list. The company’s stock has been on a rollercoaster ride and is now recovering.  The stock started January 6th at $57.14 a share before tumbling down to $50.09 a share on March 23rd.

Since then, the stock is up to $53.07.

The company posted strong Q4 results and beat analyst expectations on EPS by $0.01.

Ben Myers

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