3 Reasons Why Donald Trump Should be Worried About Brexit

President Donald Trump seems to have changed his mind about Brexit. Previously calling it a ‘wonderful thing’ the president is now worried about job loss in US. In a 45-minute meeting with EU heavyweights, the president “expressed concern that jobs in the US would be lost because of Brexit.

Donald Trump

He met Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission and Donald Tusk, President of the European Council in Brussels. Trump talked about the risks of Brexit for the global economy, mentioning Ukraine and Russia during his conversation. The three leaders agreed to work against the Islamic State as well. Sources suggest that Trump made statements about loss of jobs back home because of Brexit impact. The details of the conversation are not currently available.

Trump’s U-turn


The President was cheering for Britain as the country decided to end its relationship with EU and work independently. He called it a ‘beautiful, beautiful thing’. Later, upon meeting PM Theresa May, he cheered for the Brexit vote again. He even went on to state that other countries will also be following suite and leaving the European bloc.

Recently, he has had a change of heart and now praises EU for doing a fine job. It is to be noted that the President talked about offering UK a free and swift trade deal as well. Now that he is worried about Brexit, will the trade deal ever see daylight? Some officials have secretly claimed that the bloc could be winning the race against UK in getting a free trade deal.

Angela Merkel Convinced


Angela Merkel, German Chancellor and one of the biggest EU leaders reportedly convinced trump that EU-US deals will be better. The American president frequently asked the chancellor if a trade deal with Germany was possible. However, Merkel insisted that trade deals will be only with EU and not Germany alone. Sources suggest that the TTIP trade deal between EU and US could see revival.

Theresa May could also meet Trump during his Europe visit. She has expressed concerns about security leaks, after New York Times published images of the Manchester attack. She will like to move forward her agenda of free trade deal with the US. Considering that the EU is surprisingly united in making a hard Brexit, US could be her saving grace.

Trump’s Protectionist Agenda


Trump has been following his protectionist agenda but EU seems to have pressured him successfully into bending his views. It is clear that Trump will have to see opportunities in EU and even UK now.