‘Wish Studios’: PS4 Playlink-Based Company Closes Its Doors

Wish Studios

The least that can be said is that the PlayLink range launched by Sony at the end of 2017 had a real freshness. Based on the total interactivity, this service allowed, in particular, to use its smartphone as the main pad and, thus, to offer a particularly user-friendly experience. A perfect platform for party games, a genre in which we had just specialized Wish Studios to whom we owe the very friendly Who are you ?, Knowledge is Power and Knowledge is Power: Generations.

Only then, Sony has not supported the PlayLink project too little, which soon saw its budget slow down drastically. And Wish Studios, who had spearheaded it, had the horror of seeing the vise tighten inexorably around him. The small firm has just announced the closure of its doors, leaving on the floor its thirteen developers.

This does not announce the total abandonment of the PlayLink service, but, Wish Studios being the main player, it still looks badly barred. We hope that its members will however quickly rebound and get out of this misguided pass.

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